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DARREN HAYMAN – Secondary Modern

Monday, September 3rd, 2007

VÖ: 02.11.2007Label: Track And Field Organisation

Vertrieb: Rough Trade

“˜Darren Hayman and the Secondary Modern´ is Darren Hayman´s second full length solo album since dissolving independent legends and John Peel favourites “Hefner” in 2002. During that time Hayman has also managed to release 7 EPs, 2 singles and an acclaimed electronica album with his short-lived band “The French” as well as releasing a double album of 43 unreleased Hefner songs.

“Secondary Modern” marks a long awaited return to the sparse folk pop sound of earlier Hefner recordings, and was recorded spontaneously in 12 days at Soup Studios in Shoreditch (also recently home to Television Personalities and Comet Gain). The studio lies underneath the Duke of Uke shop and Darren made good use of Ukuleles, Banjos, Mandolins, and Fiddles and these songs. Darren also made use of the open door policy of his new band “Secondary Modern” to include contributions from many of his friends. Guests on this album include; seventies reclusive legend John Howard, avant brass man Terry Edwards, folk-tronica elder men Ellis Island Sound as well as members of bright new sparks; Let´s Wrestle, The Wave Pictures and Fanfarlo.

The main attraction here, however, is Darren´s lyrics as he continues to plough an idiosyncratic furrow through the modern British urban landscape. Subject matter here includes declining standards of art education in secondary schools (Art and Design), a love affair from the perspective of a Lacoste logo (Crocodile), doomed school re-unions (Pupil Most Likely) and cheap high street engagement rings (Elizabeth Duke). Darren is disappointed and in love with the world and people he sings about, this album isn´t big, brash, or loud mouthed, rather it is simple, articulate, funny, robust and made with love.

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Bitte schickt mir die Belegexemplare zu. Vielen Dank!

Don Nino

Thursday, August 2nd, 2007

Mentors Menteurs!
VÖ: 21.09.2007
Label: Prohibited Records
Vertrieb: Cargo

One knows it since always, songs tell stories – and they very often end up telling a history. Mentors, Menteurs! , the cover album (less one) delivered today by Don Nino, alias Nicolas Laureau, is a manner of recalling the course of a musician. Nicolas´ most tender childhood in the United States, where he was raised by parents music lovers with the sounds of Leonard Cohen or The Beatles. A musician who thereafter bloomed within his successive groups – Prohibition formerly, the NLF3 trio today -, with the listening of wide variety of music (from rock to Brazilian music, from free jazz to Folk) and by multiplying the experiments – the last to date, being the practice of live soundtracks with NLF 3.
For this third album, escaping from the facility and from the style exercise, Nicolas Laureau chose to limit himself to “pieces which (he) discovered between the age of 7 and 17″, this period, includes the blessed age of listenings and as well the hour, less carefree, of the first choices. And to thwart any calculation, he decided to act in the urgency. Recorded only in a month, sometimes with the assistance of Shane Aspegren (Berg Sans Nipple, Bright Eyes) and Erik Minkinnen (Sister Iodine), then mixed and produced by F.lor (also producer for Dirty Three, Yann Tiersen”¦) collaborating with Dominique Petitgand, these eleven songs (signed Leonard Cohen, The Cure, The Beatles, Sonic Youth, Caetano Veloso or Prince) form a collection of electric and charming, eclectic and coherent moments, translating the set of mirrors generated by this type of exercises.
The issue, here is to pay homage and to address winks, to affirm a point of view as well as trying out new colors. Colors which, in fact, and for the first time, are revealed by the language. This variety – French of Gainsbourg, Spanish, Portuguese (in duo with Helena Noguerra) ““ gave Don Nino a way to enrich his sound pallet. But this disc, where it is a question, in hollow, of the interiority and of the external envelope, the ambiguous distance which separates sincerity and superficiality, is also for his author the means of translating his “search of musician and its experiment of the music business”. To question himself, while transforming Madonna´s « Like a virgin » for example into a weird folk waltz, on “these people who are ready to handle an image and a way of life so that one are interested in their creation” – and on those which, contrary, “do not lie”, even if it means to remain a little in the shade. To reaffirm a true ethics – these convictions which had governed the creation, ten years ago, of Prohibited Records, label which did not have of cease to defend, in France and beyond, a certain idea of independency. Thus this “ludic” project it had for its author an “liberator” effect. Thus « Mentors Menteurs ! » condensed stenght appears in the one piece which gives its title to the album – the only original composition: it makes follow a familiar and a new environment, and by doing this, it sounds in a timeless way, imposes the whole album as the logical continuation of « Real Seasons Make Reasons » and « On The Bright Scale », its two predecessors. These recoveries come to clarify the steps of a musician who, even in his patronym, sought to make cohabit the patriarch and the child, and recall that youth is less one question of age than a question of freshness.
David Sanson
Recorded January 2006 by Ben Rault at Microbe Studios et au Salon de Muiques, February 2006 by Don Nino. Mixed and produced by F.lor and Dominique Petitgand, February 2006 at studios Microbe.
With Shane Aspegren on drums, Frédéric Simon on Tuba and Cornet, Erik Minkkinen on prepared guitars and Helena Noguerra on Veloso´s cover.