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Richard James

Thursday, October 4th, 2007

The Seven Sleepers Den
VÖ: 23.11.2007
Label: My Kung Fu
Vertrieb: rough trade

My Kung Fu Recordings proudly announces the forthcoming release of Richard James’ debut album, The Seven Sleepers Den, on vinyl, digipack CD and download.

Bookended by snippets of cathedral ambience, The Seven Sleepers Den is a reverential listen the whole way through. Tir  Mor sets the tone sweetly, with James’ folky finger-picking, reverberating background harmonies and spacey zither. My Hearts On Fire’s poppy stroll, Wanna See You Die’s burnt-out stomp and Headlong’s melancholy chant round out an astonishing, handsome listen . Then the cathedral kicks in and it’s all over – like waking up in a daze.

In the UK, Uncut gave The Seven Sleepers Den 4 stars and Mojo said it was “a record that shines brilliantly”.

Richard James will be known to you as the guitarist in psychedelic Welsh wizards Gorky’s Zygotic Mynci which he co-founded with Euros Childs and other friends.

After achieving worldwide success over 8 albums of whim and wonder, Richard James decided to go solo. The stunning result, The Seven Sleepers Den, is a gorgeous mix of pastoral folk, frazzled hoe-downs and tender ballads that is winning him legions of new fans across the world.

Richard James is currently performing selected dates with his band around Europe.

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Thursday, October 4th, 2007

I’m the Creature
VÖ: 16.11.2007
Label: Homesleep Music – Distributor: CARGO

MiceCars started out in 2003 as a duo composed of guitarist/singers Little P and Peter T, with a mission to write torch songs for inveterate clubbers and dance anthems for reclusive loners.
In September that same year they released their first demo, “Gewgaw Tunes”, which attracted the attention of the Italian music press and first made MiceCars known on the indie music scene. In 2004 they expanded their line-up to become a proper band. In the wake of “Gewgaw Tunes”’s success, they took part in and won the Progetto Demo contest, which brought them to the international FiberFib Music Festival in Benicassim, where they shared the stage, dressing room and – most importantly – chemical toilets with acts such as Franz Ferdinand, Lou Reed, Primal Scream and many others.
Back in Italy, the band won the Best Demo award at M.E.I., the annual meeting of the Italian indie scene. The category did not actually exist before: it was created especially for them, and it has since remained in the M.E.I. canon.
They signed with Bologna label Homesleep Music, and embarked in the recording of their début album. The sessions lasted from April 2005 to October 2006: in the meantime, Italy went through one Papal death, one Papal election, one change of government and the national football team’s triumph in the World Cup.
“I’m the Creature”, as the album was christened after several changes of heart (discarded titles included “Japanese Dictatorship”, “Para Los Rumberos”, “Bruce Dickinson’s Revenge” and “Official Satanic Surfers”) was produced entirely by the band, with the help of Francesco Donadello (Giardini di Mirò), and was released in Italy in November 2006, where it went on to gather a lot of good press. Among others, it was named Record of the Month by monthly magazine Rumore, was among the top 25 records of the year for Il Mucchio, and it was favourably reviewed in the Italian edition of Rolling Stone and in XL Magazine.
Pixies, Pavement, Dinosaur Jr, Broken Social Scene, Television Personalities and dEUS were among the references used to describe their sound. They actually only write songs with chords, tunes, verses and choruses, not necessarily in that order.
After the record was released, MiceCars started a promotional tour that saw them play several venues all over the country, and also quite a few summer festivals. Their live shows are played with an extended line-up of a total of four guitarists, adding the necessary punch to the performance of a complex and nuanced record.
Around the same time, one of their songs (Americans) was featured in the soundtrack of film “L’aria salata”, the début picture by Alessandro Angelini, which won several awards at Italian and international festivals. The song was used to score an argument between two characters: MiceCars had rather it be used for a sex scene, but they were happy anyway.
Somebody said about them that, had they begun making music at the beginning of the nineties, they would have become a cult band. As things are, they are just the perfect band for glossy magazine covers.
They don’t give it much thought at all. MiceCars believe in detuned guitars, Camilla Parker-Bowles and SuperMario Bros.
At the same time “I’m the Creature” is released all over Europe, MiceCars are planning a digital release-only remix album, in collaboration with some of the most interesting acts on the European independent scene (Domotic, NQ, Port Royal).
They’re Italian, by the way. In spite of that, none of them play the mandolin.

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PICASTRO – Whore Luck

Monday, September 3rd, 2007

VÖ: 09.11.2007

Label: polyvinyl records

Vertrieb: cargo records

“Heavy on doom, atmosphere, with violin, cello, piano and guitar all creating a sense of incipient menace.” Q

“What raises Picastro above the herd of atmospheric noise-makers is that these tracks aren´t instrumental jams, they´re songs” “with all the structure and emotional closure that this implies.” Sunday Times

Comparisons to Godspeed You Black Emperor! And Dirty Three are inevitable, but Picastro also lay down all sorts of Eastern European folk vibes.” The Independent

“A gloomy variant of folk blues with a wide reach.” The Wire

Picastro (from Toronto, Canada) have received much praise for their broodingly beautiful, melancholic soundscapes, in which cello alternates in the lead with frontwoman Liz Hysen’’s submerged, murmured vocals.

Hysen and her revolving cast of band mates have been making the kinds of records whose deep humanity have provided comfort food for lost and suffering souls. The music is a hypnotic blend of haunted vocals, smoldering reverb-drenched guitars, and gnarled knots of strings that evokes such a lonely and intimate place that some people can´t help but want to make a home for themselves inside their heartsick melodies.

Picastro´s third album, Whore Luck, is a more melodically direct and texturally diverse listening experience. Pianos flutter and clang out of rhythm and around the melody. Strings (thanks in part to Owen Pallett of Final Fantasy) creak and groan in tangled knots, often sounding more like spirits aching to escape from floorboards than conventional instruments. As always, there are moment of heartbreaking beauty and heart-wrenching despair, and for the first time, Hysen uses her vocals more as a lead instrument than another texture in the mix.

Whore Luck is an album of somber reflection and uneasy resolve, from the intensely swirling morass of strings and wraith-like vocals in “All Erase” to the dissonant pump organ and sighing violin of “Ghosts,” a Roky Erickson cover. There are uncomfortably intimate piano ballads (“Friend of Mine”), violins that sound like curtains being torn from the wall (“Albanis”), and mangled assaults on the senses provided by wickedly entangled strings (“Towtruck,” which appeared in a BBC documentary about surrealism). There´s even a startlingly vulnerable cover of the Fall´s “Older Lover,” with Xiu Xiu´s Jamie Stewart singing backing vocals. But what stands out most are the varied and ambitious arrangements, with new members (cellist Nick Storring and drummer Brandon Valdivia) adding a more experimental and chaotic edge to the already meditative tones inherent in Hysen´s songwriting.

10.10.2007 A, Vienna, VorstadtӬ
11.10.2007 CZ, Prague, 007″¨
14.10.2007 GER, Leipzig, UT Connewitz Ҭ
15.10.2007 GER, Hamburg, Haus 73

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