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Meets Guitar

Friday, January 27th, 2006

Meets Guitar – “˜Meets Guitar´ cdlp
Oof! Records OOF005 ““ Released November 28th 2005

Meets Guitar is the singer songwriting band of Gavin Baker of Billy Mahonie and Jet Johnson.

Meets Guitar slowly began life when Gavin purchased a four track home recording system in 1997 and began recording songs he was not able to record in his main concern, instrumental band Billy Mahonie, forhe simple reason being that these songs had words.

After a couple of early gigs supporting Songs: Ohia, Appendix Out and Hefner, Meets Guitar gradually began to build up a repertoire of slightly slacker-esque, acoustic country folk tunes which involved many strange and wonderful open tunings. At the end of 2001 Meets purchased an eight track home recording system and began working up and laying down songs which would made up the first three Meets Guitar singles. In June 2002 Meets started gigging in earnest around the smaller music clubs of London.

These early Meets Guitar recordings and shows were solely acoustic and were described as ‘new folk’ but there really was not much that was new other than Meet’s own view of the world through song. The tracks consisted of solo acoustic guitar, some singing and no overdubs. At the same time Meets began recording folk and old timey tunes with his father Dave Baker on mandolin and vocals and although known as the Baker Boys with an album in their own right coming soon on Tritone Records their first recordings were featured on Meets guitar singles.

The first single, The Great Slip was release on Jonny Kane Records in August 2002 and this was followed before the end of the year with a split single with Tanus from Germany: When It Comes Alive on Bearos Records. The Third record, a six track EP on Beaclamed Records followed to much acclaim in 2003.

After a period of acoustic only recordings Meets, like any true Bob wannabe, graduated to his electric period. He began working with electric guitars, his wife Caroline Nesbø from Jet Johnson joined on bass and a series of drummers followed including Kevin Smith from Reynolds and Jet Johnson, Tom Cullian from Quickspace and Howard Monk from Billy Mahonie. His subsequent single Meantime for Homesleep Records singles club illustrated how diverse and charming Meets Guitar could be with the electric folk rock lead track followed up by a fragile solo acoustic piece and the traditional Northumbian folk ballad Felton Lonin by the Baker Boys. Meets continued gigging either electric or acoustic around London and the UK and also appared at the Homesleep Festival in Ancona Italy. He has also recorded various radio sessions along the way.

After a pause and relocation to Oslo, Norway at the start of 2004 Meets Guitar has a number of new releases set for release before the close of 2005. Primarily this full length album on Oof! Records at the end of November. Predominately electric it features some powerful and emotional performances and strong songs with fine choruses, the first version of ´End of the Band´ was featured in recent BBC documentary My Life As A Child. Before this ´Out of Time´, a split single with Brighton based band – At Sea Japan – is planned and Meets has most recently put the finishing touches on a acoustic John Fahey-u-like mini album for a small Canadian label Chat Blanc entitled Canvas.

Meets Will be playing a London to support the release at the end of October”¦
for more information check the Meets Guitar websitte at; HYPERLINK “”

The Singing Adams

Thursday, January 26th, 2006

“Problems” is the debut album by The Singing Adams, a new project from Steven Adams, the gentleman we know as genius songwriter, singer, and guitar player with The Broken Family Band.

Stepping away from the cutting sarcasm and American vocal styling employed
with TBFB, our hero has turned his hand to crafting honest, heartfelt songs
about the intricacies of living, loving and losing in London.

Recorded in bedrooms and sitting rooms with the kind input and assistance of
talented friends, Adams set his sights on making a record that, in his own
self-effacing words; “some people might like some bits of, if they were,
y’know, in the right mood or something”. Its a quiet bedroom record that
happens to have bursts of shrieking guitars and drums in amongst the
acoustic strumming and accordion subtlety.

The album was produced by long-time associate Timothy Victor (The Folk
Orchestra) and features guest appearances from Piney Gir, Joel Morris
(Candidate), and some more pals associated with The Broken Family Band.

The artwork for Problems was created by David Shrigley, Adams’ favourite
artist, which is nice.

What is Problems made of? It’s a highly personal collection of songs
containing at least two lyrical references to ‘Steven’.

The Singing Adams

Comet Gain

Thursday, January 26th, 2006

Comet Gain release their first album in three years with the 16 track, “City Fallen Leaves”.

The band are now well over 10 years old having arrived in the international pop underground alongside the likes of Huggy Bear and Cornershop during the Riot Grrrl years of the early 90s.

Songwriter and hard core member David Feck is a cinematic genius trapped in the body of a pop songwriter. Inspired in equal parts by The Go-Betweens, Godard, Irma Thomas, dance parties, Dexy’s Midnight Runners, falling in love, mod, and hootenannies Comet Gain are the soundtrack to a life lived as an outsider.

“City Fallen Leaves” is the next chapter in Feck’s world. An exploration of what happens in your 30s when you still love all the things you did in your early 20s, when music and love still mean everything but most of your friends have settled into oblivian (either literally or metaphorically).
There are songs about burn-outs, the end of relationships, of boredom, of hope, of dreams lost and born again.

“City Fallen Leaves” features many of the same players as the last album, 2002’s “Realistes”: David Feck, Jon Slade (ex-Huggy Bear), Kay Ishikawa, Rachel Evans, and MJ Taylor (Morrissey). It also features guest appearances from members of Television Personalities, The Tyde, Herman Dune, The Pattern and Tompaulin.

Comet Gain
Comet Gain