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Wednesday, March 22nd, 2006

New General Catalogue
VÖ: 07.04.2006
Label: Talitres
Vertrieb: Rough Trade

Redjetson are a six-piece spread over the less glamorous parts of London and the near beyond (Southend). The adventure preceding the release of their album has seen Redjetson release a debut split 12″ single with Oxford sorcerers Youthmovie Soundtrack Strategies (“˜This City Moans´ and “˜Divorce´ b/w “˜”¦Spooks The Horse´ [YMSS]), alongside a co-headlining tour with the same group, as well as a spate of recently-wowing London shows which have generated the sort of praise that would make even a professional egoist blush. Add to that the curation of their own “˜Do Or Die´ and “˜Soldier Boy´ club nights in East London, and it´s already been an eye-opening experience.

Redjetson deal with epic songs full of slow-burning grandeur, emotional intensity and imposing passion. Despite their glacial exterior, their tunes are infused with a deep warmth and beating heart, moving away from the constrictive forms of “˜post rock´, and into warmer, more soulful climbs.

“…set to break all perceptions of post-rock being inaccessible and only suited to homicidal sociopaths… If you like your Joy Division, Six by Seven, Mogwai and Radiohead then this is essential!” ““ this is fake diy.

“˜New General Catalogue´, named after the book that maps the stars, is their debut album.

“Breathtakingly beautiful”¦Find out why loud is the new loud. Brilliant.” – The Fly

“Blissful” ““ NME

“Redjetson are one of my favourite bands at the moment. Dramatic, intense and exciting”¦”- Kele Okereke, BLOC PARTY

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Wednesday, March 22nd, 2006

Best Of 1996-2002
VÖ: 21.04.2006
Label: Fortune & Glory
Vertrieb: Cargo Records

Hefner were formed around 1996 though Darren Hayman had been using the name for several years previously. The original line up was Darren Hayman guitars/vocals, John Morrison bass and Antony Harding drums. The band was convened for the recording of Darren´s debut single as Hefner “˜ A Better Friend´ and that recording marks only the second time the three of them played together. The single quickly gained the attention of Too Pure which remained the home of the band throughout their career.

The appeal of Hefner has always lay in the lyrics and songs of Darren Hayman, bittersweet vignettes on modern city life, he uses the extra-ordinary and the everyday to tell erotic melancholy tales that tug at your heart strings.

Their first album Breaking God´s Heart, earnt them a fan in the guise of John Peel, which resulted in the band recording 6 sessions for his Radio 1 show, including a live set at John´s house. In 1999 they achieved numbers 2 and 3 in his festive 50 with “˜The Hymn for the Alcohol´ and “˜ The Hymn for the Cigarettes´.

Their second album The Fidelity Wars, showed a darker and sharper side to their sound and lyrics and remains the favourite of fans and critics alike, however their biggest selling album was their third; We Love The City. This album found Hefner in a more upbeat mood augmenting their folk tinged sound with brass, synthesizers and new member Jack Hayter, contributing pedal steel, violin and guitar, and included their most popular songs with “˜Good Fruit´, “˜The Greedy Ugly People´ and “˜The Day That Thatcher Dies´.

Hefner´s last album showed them moving in a new electronic direction and is considered a curates egg by most, however Hefner´s popularity and self proclaimed status as Britain´s Largest Small Band was never in doubt as their last sell out show at London´s Shepherds Bush Empire showed.

Hefner split for no other reason then it seemed like it was a good time to.

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Yo Zushi

Wednesday, March 22nd, 2006


Songs From A Dazzling Drift
VÖ: 28.04.2006
Label: Pointy Records
Vertrieb: Cargo Records

Winner of Dazed and Confused Magazine´s Re:Creation prize, 24-year-old Yo Zushi is London´s answer to Bright Eyes. “Songs From A Dazzling Drift” is a collection of home recordings and takes its title from a line in a Robert Browning poem. As for influences, they include Bob Dylan, Tom Waits, Leonard Cohen, The Replacements, Pavement and John McCormack (an Irish folk and opera singer of the 1920s).

Yo Zushi has played several live sessions on XFM, whilst BBC Radio1´s Mary Anne Hobbs declared him the “spirit of Bob Dylan for the 21st Century.” The Daily Telegraph too has shown its support choosing him as one the years “Bright Young Things”. He has been spotted supporting the likes of Joanna Newson, Willy Mason and The Magic Numbers.

Some Press”¦

“His playfully eccentric lyrics about life’s small moments, plucked acoustic guitar and rollicking rhythms suggest a less ramshackle Badly Drawn Boy or better-adjusted E from Eels. Just 23 years old, this could be the start of something major.”
**** Recommended Q Magazine

“A startling diversity of styles – from Hawaiian steel strums to Spector – can’t obscure a world view based in folk mysteries. Deliberately haphazard, highly promising.” *** Uncut

“Yo Zushi’s folk songs have earned him plenty of high profile fans around the world and this, his debut LP, looks certain to raise the bar even higher. A masterclass in storytelling.”
Dazed & Confused

“There´s a real talent at work here” *** The Independent on Sunday

“Yo’s mix of upbeat melodies and enchanting lyrics are encircled by quirky Devendra Banhartesque folk and a Ryan Adams-a-like bittersweet country twang. I know that this one’s not going to be leaving the stereo for a while.” **** Maverick

“Understated, unaffected yet charmingly affecting, the album ought to set Yo Zushi up as one of the key singer/songwriter talents of 2006. I´m already eager to hear more.” Tangents

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