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Tuesday, April 11th, 2006

Our Worn Shadow
VÖ: 07.07.2006
Label: Acuarela
Vertrieb: Rough Trade Distributions

Manyfingers (aka multi-instrumentalist Chris Cole) emerged out of the shady and mysterious Bristol scene that spawned the likes of Flying Saucer Attack, Movietone, Third Eye Foundation and Amp. Previously best known as Third Eye Foundation luminary Matt Elliott´s right hand man, cellist and drinking buddy, Cole has also been a sometime member of legendary pastoralists Movietone as well as being the current drummer of the excellent post rock band Soeza.

Cole’s relative obscurity is set to change with the release of his full lenght debut album “˜Our Worn Shadow´ “” a magnificently ambitious multi layered gem of a record. He plays piano, drums, cello, spanish guitar, accordion, vibraphone and other assorted instruments to create a veritable whirlwind of sound. The record takes its cue from the Fourtet of “˜Pause´ and “˜Rounds´ (taking in along the way influence from US based hip hop futurists Dosh and Machine Drum) but adds Yann Tiersen style accordion and string arrangements played with the intensity of Godspeed You Black Emperor! at their ground shaking best. The cyclical motifs of Philip Glass and Steve Reich are notable ensuring that the album presses all the right neo classical buttons “” often comparable to the best work of Max Richter, Rachel´s, Sylvain Chauveaux and Terry Reilly. Its an album of opposites “” the mournful accordions and weeping cello’s recall the melancholy of Matt Elliott’s recent ‘Drinking Songs’ yet when a female vocal is introduced on the excellent standout “˜For Measured Shores´, the effect is somewhat like a gallic late period Blonde Redhead. The record is impressive for the variety of melody and sounds produced, the consistently imaginative string and horn arrangements, subtle sampling and frenzied, frenetic drumming.

Don´t expect the live Manyfingers to hide behind the security of a lap top either. Manyfingers shows are life affirming and unpredictable “” Cole darts about the stage like a rabbit in the headlights layering up drums and keyboards, plucking at guitars, blowing trumpets, fiddling nervously with effects pedals. The result is mesmerising “” you can´t take your eyes of him for a minute as he frenetically builds up wave upon wave of sound. This is what stands Chris Cole apart from his peers “” his music is no bedroom based electronica “” it has the thrilling intensity of a live band yet utilises modern sampling techniques and old fashioned cut and paste methods so that it seems inconceivable that the whole thing is produced by one person. What you see live is the ultimate one man band.

Cole had been selling an early version of “˜Our Worn Shadow´ on his recent tours with Matt Elliott, Hood, Mark Eitzel and Coco Rosie. The response from fans and fellow musicians has been ecstatic. Here we present “˜Our Worn Shadow´ in its entirety with a bonus track and an accompanying DVD. The DVD is the perfect accompaniment to this LP. Intimately filmed at the Cube, Bristol’s legendary arthouse cinema, it documents in detail how Manyfingers carefully layers up vast arrays of instruments to create his hypnotic masterpieces. The DVD also includes a “short” film by Joost Van Veen, a Rotterdam based filmmaker, inspired by the track “Interlude” from the Manyfingers s/t mini album released on the Remote Viewer’s Moteer label in 2004.

Following the hullabaloo over recent records by the likes of Fourtet, Caribou and Diplo, Manyfingers is far and away the best Englishman to take on the baton and run with it into genuinely new and exciting places. “˜Our Worn Shadow´ is more than a new dawn for post rock, folktronica, electronica, neo classical or whatever you want to call it “” its a life changing record that ultimately defies categorization. Hands down the most innovative, soulful and passionate release of 2006.
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Robin Guthrie

Tuesday, April 11th, 2006

VÖ: 23.06.2006
Label: Rocket Girl
Vertrieb: Rough Trade Distribution

Robin Guthrie and Rocket Girl ream up.
As COCTEAU TWINS guitarist and producer, Robin Guthrie is the man responsible for creating that famous sound and opening the door for My Bloody Valentine, Slowdive, Ride, et al.

Robin´s new album “˜Continental´ is a beautiful instrumental masterpiece, from one of our greatest all-time heroes. Robin gives more heart and soul on Continental than on his previous instrumental release Imperial. Continental is stronger in feeling and composition and all of Robin’s signature elements are here: Shimmering guitars, ethereal moods as fluid and deep as any of Eno´s, and yes, he does at times thankfully bring the rock. The mood overall is classic Robin Guthrie.
Fans of the Cocteau Twins and all they’ve spawned, please welcome back your daddy.

Robin has been living in France for the last few years and people may feel as though he has been hiding but he has been working on many musical projects.

Last Year Robin played his Lumiere film at NFT and played live to it, it was so beautiful it brought grown men to tears! Robin plans to release this on DVD after editing it iin a dolby surround sound studio.

Robin´s most recent record was with Harold Budd, they worked on the Mysterious Skin soundtrack after being approached by Greg Araki.

A collaborative album has been recorded with John Foxx on vocals, which will be released on Artful later in the year (very This Mortal Coil)

I am keen for Robin to get back into the music scene, play live, perform at festivals with his band and work with other bands. He has already remixed Ulrich Schnauss and plans to work with some other bands in the near future.

As the founder member of the seminal Cocteau Twins, Robin Guthrie has created some of the most beautiful music of recent times and is widely regarded as a musical visionary. The distinctive sonic landscapes that have become his trademark are again on display throughout the Lumière performance and at time touches upon his instrumental debut Imperial (Bella Union), his soundtrack to Gregg Araki´s award winning Mysterious Skin, released earlier this year through Rykodisc, as well as introducing exclusive new material from his delightful forthcoming LP Continental. Needless to say, his legions of admirers will find much that they recognise and love

Continental track list:
1. Continental, 2. Conquering the Romantic, 3. Crescent, 4. Monument, 5. Amphora, 6. The Day Star, 7. Radiance, 8. As I Breathe, 9. Last Exit, 10. Pale.

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Tuesday, April 11th, 2006

VÖ: 09.06.2006
Label: Acuarela
Vertrieb: Rough Trade Distributions
If one group has shown restlessness and breadth of perspective in Spain´s independent scene it is 12twelve. This quartet from Barcelona featuring Jaume L. Pantaleon (guitar) Jens Neumaier (keyboards, effects and saxophone) Jose Rosslea (drums) and Javier Garcia (bass) has known how to make firm headway through the sometimes marshy terrain which experimental rock can be, making bold decisions and innovating without losing their bearings in order to create when other outfits would merely sound complex and pretentious. 12twelve first appeared on the scene when they recorded a demo with Beef front man David Rodriguez in1998. A subsequent electrifying live performance offerred an abrasive whiplash of untamed polymorphous instrumental rock, managing both to sink to the depths of uncontrolled distortion and float on wisps of free-jazz. Needless to say, the gig landed them their first signing, with the BOA label, which produced the powerful, complete and sumptuously designed debut Tears, Complaints and Spaces in 2001. Without resting on the laurels of the fantastic reception for their first album, 12twelve set to work on the shared CD Doppler with Ya Te Digo which was published in 2003. With the prize money from their dazzling winning perefromance at the prestigious Villa de Bilbao talent competition, they paid for a recording session with the master of the hardest mixes on the planet Steve Albini. The ex-Big Black member and sound engineer for Nirvana, The Pixies and PJ Harvey made sure that Speritismo (BOA, 2003) sounded as robust in the studio as the group did on stage. Nevertheless, 12twelve´s immaculate track record doesn’t stop them from finding new forms of expression, such as the world tour which Jaume and Jose set out on together with SOLE, the brilliant head MC of the Anticon collective, or the parallel project of Jens and Javi with members of Nisei or Za known as the La Orquesta de la Muerte (The Orchestra of Death). Jens is also the boss of Audiomayer Studios, which has hosted recordings by groups like Linn Youki Project, Za or Nisei.

Three years after their last offering and with Albini back at the controls, L´Univers marks the definitive consecration of the band, leaving behind scenes, labels (independent or otherwise), influences and clichés. In this work, riddled with rhythmic escapades, excentric melodies and an inquisitive spirit, 12twelve show us the four points of a musical compass shared with artists like Sun Ra, Lalo Schifrin, The United States of America or the Chicago Art Ensemble. We are faced with a work which takes its origins as much from jazz improvisation in the 30´s as from the funk and Krautrock of the 70’s to appear in 2006 with 16 pieces to be enjoyed sitting down, shaking your head or lost in a sea of sensations and emotions of all shapes and sizes. L´Univers encompasses many sounds, traditions and melodies which seem to come from Cuba, New York, Berlin or even Barcelona, a captain´s log with an unknown, timeless star date. Maybe 12twelve have made a work so free “” Perhaps equal to what Disco Inferno´s DI Go POP meant for the moribund post rock scene?”” that they can consider as many interpretations as possible, not only from the listener, but also from taking the work to the stage. White music, black music, dark music, bright music, this is L´Univers, a universe which expands slowly, but continuously.

After their publically-acclaimed performance with the Gracia Gospel Choir at the opening of the MP7-Músiques Possible cycle to over 500 spectators at Barcelona´s Centre for Contemporary Culture (CCCB), 12twelve are focusing on presenting L´Univers throughout Spain:

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