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The Lilys

Monday, September 11th, 2006

Everything Wrong Is Imaginary
VÖ: 18.08.2006
Label: Rocket Girl
Vertrieb: Rough Trade Distribution

Kurt Heasley is 34 years old and over 6ft 6.75″ tall. He¹s a single dad who counts Kevin Shields as his biggest fan. He sold over 85000 copies of one song and appeared on Top Of The Pops when it still mattered. He¹s a hyperactive control freak with a vision of great beauty² (NME). He is an
American genius and you¹ve probably never heard of him. It¹s about time that you did…

Knocked On The Fortune Teller’s Door…
In 1996 a Lilys song ‘A Nanny In Manhattan’ appeared on the Levis Christmas advert. The band subsequently sold 85000 copies of the single and appeared on Top Of The Pops, the first band to play completely live on the show for 20 years! However, things all went wrong when their recording contract was inherited by a major label¹s imprint. Despite their popularity and delivery of one their finest records (The 3 Way), the band were pushed aside and near on forgotten. But you can¹t stop the pop.

MARK E who?
EVERYTHING WRONG IS IMAGINARY is Lilys’ 7th album and as ever the only constant is Kurt. The current count of Lilys members past and present is 72 though this is merely an estimate. Noone really knows. Members of The Icarus Line, Velocity Girl, Mazarin and Beachwood Sparks (and many many more) have all played with Lilys.

With Candy…
Not so long ago Kurt¹s wife went out and didn¹t come back. She might one day. For now Kurt is a single father of 3 children. He was himself expelled from high school after 42 absences. Turns out he was at home sequencing software and fiddling with editing software. There are worse things 15 year
olds can do. It¹s been tough bringing up the kids alone so he was glad of the helping hands of producer Mike Musammo when it came to making the new record.

Everything Wrong Is Imaginary sees Lilys come into their own. It doesn’t sound like The Kinks or My Bloody Valentine or The Beach Boys. It just sounds like Lilys. I¹ll pass on the hyperbolic bullshit. Just listen.


´…folk rock beauty and garage band burn.´ Mojo
´…pop music of a classic brilliance.´ NME
´. . . Heasley’s grown into an expert songsmith.´ Pitchfork
´…bends pop convention making distortion, atonality and stunted riffs into
something weird and beautiful´ The Onion


Various: Talitres Is 5 compilation

Monday, September 11th, 2006

VÖ: 15.09.2006
Label: Talitres
Vertrieb: Rough Trade

“Talitres Is 5″ is a double compilation for the 5 years of the label.

We don´t really like anniversaries nor compilations, “¦but we decied to do this compilation to bring together all of the arstists (or at least most of them) who are on the Talitres catalogue (CD1). Moreover, we couldn´t resist to have you discover bands and artists that we love (CD2). The only exception is iLiKETRAiNS who are on the second disc although they had their first record, “Progress ““ Reform”, released by Talitres in mainland Europe on May, 23rd.

Talitres started in march 2001 with the debut album of Elk City “Status” and the label released albums of english and US bands such as Calla, The Wedding Present, Idaho, Flotation Toy Warning, Piano Magic, The Walkmen, Dakota Suite, The Organ, The National, Destroyer, “¦to name a few”¦

CD 1 : The Wedding Present, Calla, The Organ, Tex La Homa, That Summer, The Walkmen, Dakota Suite, Piano Magic, The Birdwatcher, Early Day Miners.
CD 2 : Pela, Hood, iLiKETRAINS, Hot Gossip, Marissa Nadler, Film School, The Weeds Of Eden ““ Sean Eden / Luna project – , Caruso, Carlosound.

Visual / Credit: Mali Photo – OSCURA. “Those pictures were taken in Africa from 1996 to 2000, by or with young people from Mali, who live in great difficulties. They were made with a pinhole, a simple box where a tiny hole has been pierced, primitive version of the black box. This first book about their work intends to illustrate what we think of being their success, beyond even photography itself.” OSCURA

Animal Collective

Monday, September 11th, 2006

VÖ: 27.10.2006
Label: Paw Tracks
Vertrieb: Cargo Records

Available again for the first time since 2002 is Animal Collective’s rare live album Hollinndagain. Originally released in a limited edition of 300 hand-painted LPs, this album documents live performances by the group during the first half of 2001.
Following the completion of their Danse Manatee record, Animal Collective (in this incarnation – Avey Tare, Panda Bear, and Geologist) played a series of shows in their then hometown of New York, and in late spring, went on their first US tour with friends Black Dice. Since most of the attendees at these early shows were from a small circle of local friends who regularly saw the group perform, Animal Collective felt it was important to present a new set of material for each show rather than make their friends pay to hear the same jams every time.
This resulted in a whole new album’s worth of songs. No studio versions were ever made and live recordings are all that remain from this brief and unique era. Sad that the songs were never made available to the public, the band agreed in 2002 to release the live versions with Secretly Canadian on their St. Ives imprint (a label that focused on limited edition releases with hand-made cover art by the bands).
For Hollinndagain, Animal Collective chose seven songs. The first three are taken from a performance on Scott Williams’ radio show on WFMU. The final four songs are from performances in New York, Nashville, and Austin (these latter two shows occurring on their tour with Black Dice).
Sonically this record mixes the familiar sounds and melodies of older Animal Collective records like Spirit They’re Gone or Campfire Songs and blends them with unknown territory that somehow finds a niche between Arnold Dreyblatt, Jay Z, and the Boredoms. The looseness and almost out of control aspect of the songs betray the fact that Animal Collective were very new to playing live at this time. However right when everything seems without center or about to fall apart, something explodes or peeks through and a change in direction allows a brief glimpse at the unique songwriting Animal Collective have always worked hard at. A sweet document of a band that always does it a little differently.
- First time available to the general public.
- Recording was basically out of print upon its initial release in 2002
- This is the first time this recording has ever been released on CD
- CD comes in deluxe cardboard gatefold packaging
- LP comes in old-school heavy-duty “tip-on style” cardboard sleeve
- Animal Collective will be playing select live dates throughout the fall and winter
- The original Hollinndagain LP has been selling for obscene amounts of money on eBay…please help reduce demand by picking up our version!