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The Ian Fays

Monday, September 11th, 2006

damoncover.jpgdamoncover.jpgTHE IAN FAYS
The Damon Sessions
VÖ: 27.10.2006
Label: Homesleep Records
Vertrieb: Cargo Records

The Facts:
“¢ The Ian Fays are four young ladies from Arcata, California
“¢ The Damon Lessons is their debut album
“¢ Their songs are all at once sweet, delicate, profound, unique and diverse
“¢ Lizz and Sara are twin sisters
“¢ Julia and Lena are not twin sisters
“¢ They are not punk, and they are also not “Not Punk”

The Ian Fays are:
“¢ Julia Fay: keyboards, accordion, sampling, drum machine, la´s
“¢ Lena Fay: xylophone, tambo, electronic claps, la´s, sampling, boomwhackers
“¢ Sara Fay: bass, vocals, some guitar, ahh´s, keyboards, cups filled with water
“¢ Lizz Fay: guitar, sound effects box, vocals, keyboards, woo´s, la´s, cups filled with water

The Damon Sessions is:
“¢ Empty Alcohol Bottle
“¢ The Dance Song
“¢ Pink Sheets
“¢ I Lifted Myself Up
“¢ Peppermint Schnapps
“¢ The Boyfriend Song
“¢ Hotel
“¢ All The Phones Are Broken In This House, Sir
“¢ It´s Okay To Use The F-Word In A Break-Up Song
“¢ 16 Weeks
“¢ Secret Track

God Is An Astronaut

Monday, September 11th, 2006

A Moment Of Stillness
VÖ: 22.09.2006
Label: Rocket Girl
Vertrieb: Rough Trade Distribution

God Is An Astronaut was formed by brothers Niels and Torsten in 2002.
Based in Wicklow, Ireland, the band released their debut album
“The End of the Beginning” on their own label Revive Records in March 2003.
Their video for “The End of the Beginning” received plays on MTV U.K.’s 120 minute
show and their second video for “From Dust to the Beyond” which had an Anti
war-theme received plays on MTV UK and most European MTV networks.

This album trademarks their intense build ups from serene ambience to searing
intensity. Torsten and Niels who are joined by drummer Lloyd Hanney who was trained by the late jazz drumming legend Johnny Wadham, makes this album a closer representation of their live sound. They are considered by many to be the most intense live act to emerge from Ireland in recent times

The Lilys

Monday, September 11th, 2006

Everything Wrong Is Imaginary
VÖ: 18.08.2006
Label: Rocket Girl
Vertrieb: Rough Trade Distribution

Kurt Heasley is 34 years old and over 6ft 6.75″ tall. He¹s a single dad who counts Kevin Shields as his biggest fan. He sold over 85000 copies of one song and appeared on Top Of The Pops when it still mattered. He¹s a hyperactive control freak with a vision of great beauty² (NME). He is an
American genius and you¹ve probably never heard of him. It¹s about time that you did…

Knocked On The Fortune Teller’s Door…
In 1996 a Lilys song ‘A Nanny In Manhattan’ appeared on the Levis Christmas advert. The band subsequently sold 85000 copies of the single and appeared on Top Of The Pops, the first band to play completely live on the show for 20 years! However, things all went wrong when their recording contract was inherited by a major label¹s imprint. Despite their popularity and delivery of one their finest records (The 3 Way), the band were pushed aside and near on forgotten. But you can¹t stop the pop.

MARK E who?
EVERYTHING WRONG IS IMAGINARY is Lilys’ 7th album and as ever the only constant is Kurt. The current count of Lilys members past and present is 72 though this is merely an estimate. Noone really knows. Members of The Icarus Line, Velocity Girl, Mazarin and Beachwood Sparks (and many many more) have all played with Lilys.

With Candy…
Not so long ago Kurt¹s wife went out and didn¹t come back. She might one day. For now Kurt is a single father of 3 children. He was himself expelled from high school after 42 absences. Turns out he was at home sequencing software and fiddling with editing software. There are worse things 15 year
olds can do. It¹s been tough bringing up the kids alone so he was glad of the helping hands of producer Mike Musammo when it came to making the new record.

Everything Wrong Is Imaginary sees Lilys come into their own. It doesn’t sound like The Kinks or My Bloody Valentine or The Beach Boys. It just sounds like Lilys. I¹ll pass on the hyperbolic bullshit. Just listen.


´…folk rock beauty and garage band burn.´ Mojo
´…pop music of a classic brilliance.´ NME
´. . . Heasley’s grown into an expert songsmith.´ Pitchfork
´…bends pop convention making distortion, atonality and stunted riffs into
something weird and beautiful´ The Onion