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Darren Hayman EP

Wednesday, April 4th, 2007

Table For One: Dessert Menu
VÖ EP: 05.05.2007
Label: Track And Field Organisation
Vertrieb: Cargo Records


…the EP of the album…

Bruised and bloodied, former Hefner front man Darren Hayman, crawls out
from his car wreck life armed with only his battle scarred telecaster and ukulele for protection.

Darren’s been given a right kicking by the music biz, but he’s not down, in fact he’s smiling ear to ear. In the past two years since his last album with the French Darren has worked for the Peoples Dispensary for Sick Animals, Battersea Dogs Home, gotten married, formed a bluegrass band, put on a lot of weight and is currently studying an Art PGCE at Goldsmiths College in London. “If I don’t work I go nuts, I wasted 6 months addicted to internet chess.” says Hayman.

Last year his debut album “šTable For One´ was released.
Real drums and guitars mark a return to the indie folk style of Hefner, but better. “Every time a write a song its better then the last one”, continues Hayman, “I thought it was that way for everyone?”

The songs on Hayman’s debut album; Table for One concern crumbling cafes, dog charities, a broken hearted Doug Yule, retiring School teachers and air hostesses plummeting to their death. It’s not fun in Darren’s head but it IS fun to watch and listen from a distance.

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Great Lakes

Wednesday, April 4th, 2007

Diamond Times
VÖ: 18.05.2007
Label: Track And Field Organisation
Vertrieb: Rough Trade

Great Lakes formed around the songs of Dan Donahue and Ben Crum in Athens, Georgia in 1996. They now live in Brooklyn.

The current live band is made up of Ben Crum (guitar and vocals), Kyle Forester (bass, backing vocals) and either Mike Fadem, Kevin Shea or Chris Deaner (drums). Though Dan is still very much a part of the band, he has retired from playing shows, and prefers instead to focus on the lyrics and the band’s artwork.

Great Lakes’ history goes back to 1990 when Dan and Ben, high school friends, began writing songs together. They soon met a young Jamey Huggins, who joined them in what would become Great Lakes. The three eventually moved to Athens, where they put a band together and began playing live.

In 2000 they released their self-titled first LP. An adventurously-undertaken production, it established them as a band as capable of producing epic soundscapes as catchy pop songs. They quickly found fans in the press, as MOJO called Great Lakes´ debut “Very cool”, Uncut praised its “gorgeous stereophonic experiments”, and the Austin Chronicle enthused, “Anyone with even the slightest predilection toward the hopelessly romantic notions underlying pure pop music will find plenty to identify with in Great Lakes.”

Their second LP, 2002´s “˜The Distance Between´, featured some of their best songs, and Magnet selected it as one of the top 20 overlooked albums of the year, noting the bands ability to “spew out a fuzz-laced garage assault” and complimenting their “knack for fusing melancholy with feats of ballroom levitation.”

The third LP, “˜Diamond Times´, is already available in the USA but hits Europe this Spring. The All Music Guide called it “an amazing comeback” and “their best work”. And America´s Exclaim! magazine deemed it “one of the best albums of 2006.”

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