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Monday, May 7th, 2007

VÖ: 15.06.2007
Label: Track And Field Organisation
Vertrieb: Rough Trade

Connectivity! is Mahogany´s second full length record, following the holy grail of US indie shoegazer records The Dream of a Modern Day and over a dozen singles & EPs; compiled and released in 2005 as Memory Column 2CD .

Connectivity! embraces Factory Records’ chill, the Cocteau Twins’ radiance, and Brian Wilson’s optimism. It is the group’s most evocative and delicately complex work, employing every instrument, voice, and magic black box within Mahogany’s new studio, the Civil Defense. Mahogany’s massive, celestial, guitar-driven sound is ultimately unique.

Connectivity! is a two disc set featuring three mixes by Cocteau Twins´ Robin Guthrie, the vocal debut of Lucy Belle Guthrie (daughter of Cocteau Twins´ Robin Guthrie & Elizabeth Frazier), and three mpeg videos.

The band will touring the UK in April as special guests of Bloc Party who are big fans of Mahogany. The tour includes two nights at Brixton Academy on 19/20 April. Mahogany also play their own headline show at London´s Water Rats Theatre on Saturday 21 April.

What the US press has said about Mahogany:

“Over the crisp geometry of drum-machine rhythms and rectilinear vocal melodies, a la Stereolab, guitars and celli shimmer and splash, enriching the structures by blurring them. This is heaven-sent manna.” –NEW YORK TIMES

“People who are into dream pop and classic UK shoegazer rock need to give this band a listen, as they’re among the best bands currently
doing this stuff.” –PITCHFORK

“If you take all that is beautiful in this world and distill it into 50 minutes of pure sonic bliss, you’ll have something that sounds a lot like The Dream of a Modern Day. It is, in a word, stunning. Mahogany impresario Andrew Prinz might just be the Kevin Shields of his generation. If there is any justice in this world, by this time next year Mahogany will be huge.” ““SPLENDID

“Bossa beats and one chord ethereal guitar loops never sounded so imaginative, Mahogany are one of the most underrated and criminally overlooked bands of the last decade. Some of the most creative, imaginative and breath-taking music you’ll have ever had the fortune
of hearing. Don’t let this remarkable band go unnoticed any longer.” ““ANGRYAPE

“It’s truly admirable how they’ve managed to come up with an album that sounds so unique and original: A desperately needed wave of fresh air after all the unimaginative retro-ism that’s been dominating the last years.” –ULRICH SCHNAUSS

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The Broken Family Band: album 2007

Monday, May 7th, 2007

Hello Love
VÖ: 29.06.2007
Label: Track And Field Organisation
Vertrieb: Rough Trade

Hello Love is the fourth album from Cambridge´s The Broken Family Band, the follow-up to 2006´s critically acclaimed Balls. Recorded with Brian O’Shaughnessy (Primal Scream, My Bloody Valentine, Beth Orton) in just 12 days last winter, it´s the band´s strongest yet, a superlative, warm-hearted collection of twisted love songs. It´s also their heaviest, most diverse, and ““ dare we say it ““ least countrified album to date.

“We wanted to rock a bit harder,” says frontman Steve Adams. “It´s our trajectory – we like the fact that we’re getting heavier with each record and we all enjoy hitting our things hard. Ten years in, we’ll sound like Mastodon.”

Adams also claims to have “stopped singing in American,” this time around, but admits you won´t notice at first. The Broken Family Band´s sound has always belied the band´s English origins, and there´s plenty here that places them firmly in the mid-Atlantic ““ obvious reference points include The Shins, The Pixies, Violent Femmes and Pavement. And for the first time, Hello Love finds The Broken Family Band exploring a single unifying theme – one that has inspired songwriters throughout the ages.

“Our songs are normally full of spite, but we wanted to make an album about love,” says Steve. “People could argue that it´s a theme that’s been beaten to death, but what else is there?”

These, then, are love songs filtered through the booze addled, world-weary viewpoint of The Broken Family Band. So, breezy opening track Leaps is “about having it off,” Love Your Man, Love Your Woman is aggressive, forthright and pounding and So Many Lovers tells the listener, “You should be happy in the infinite number of people who´ve loved and lost.” Elsewhere, You Get Me is, according to Steve, an “I can´t believe my luck song,” Little Justice is for “the powerless people being fucked over in the world,” and Seven Sisters brings the album to a crashing crescendo. Says Steve, who wrecked his throat singing the track: “Seven Sisters really just a long-winded way of saying, Hello miss, you´re nice, can we do that again? Oh, lovely. Ah, here you come, hello love!”

The Broken Family Band emerged four years ago, and instantly marked themselves apart from their contemporaries by simply not giving a crap. They play music for fun, not for stardom. They even kept their day jobs, reasoning that they shouldn´t give up their everyday lives even if it meant not touring much outside of the South East.

“I think we’re outside of all that fame stuff,” says Steve. “Like, kids suddenly started buying our stuff the other day because of a track on “˜Skins´. Fat people follow us around venues asking for autographs, but people in our daily lives have heard enough of our pop chat. We will never feel like pop stars.”

Happily, their reluctance to adopt to the rock “˜n´ roll lifestyle they could concentrate on recording as much as possible. And the songs just keep getting better. Slowly but surely, the Broken Family Band have built up a devoted cult following. Hello Love looks set to be the moment when the levee breaks – this is an album that demands attention.

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The Projects

Monday, May 7th, 2007

Voice Is Glue
VÖ: 06.07.2007
Label: Track And Field Organisation
Vertrieb: Rough Trade

´Voice Is Glue´ is a new mini album from London´s finest exponents of krautpop, The projects, and features a remix from Broadcast”¦

The Projects formed in 2001 after previous pop outings in the likes of Comet Gain, Stereolab and Miss Mend. Their debut single, “Entertainment” received great praise from everyone who heard it. Sonic Youth collaborator, Dan Graham, even provided the image for the sleeve.

The Projects delivered ‘Let’s Get Static’, their debut LP later in September 2004, combining catchy dance tunes with the sound of a futuristic dystopia. Favouring electric pop with an undeniably human heartbeat, the London based 5-piece will make you shake to the repetitive structures of everyday life.

This mini album was recorded in London in 2005/06, and you couldn´t imagine the white noise of distorted guitars and crystal clear choruses evolving anywhere else. The Projects follow the drawings of the post punk architects, translating sociological analysis into pop poetics verging on the nonsensical. Imagine Brian Eno giving Debbie Harry a lift to the local roller skate disco in his convertible, Devo is on the stereo and the sun is definitely shining.

The Projects perfected their art with a string of impressive live shows across Europe. The band has previously toured with Broadcast , hence their collaboration here. They have also taken to the stage alongside Fiery Furnaces, Movietone, The Rogers Sisters and Herman Dune. As audiences up and down the have land found out, this is music to dance to”¦ in high heels and with the skinniest of ties, but with absolutely no underwear.

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