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Kim Novak

Sunday, June 10th, 2007

Luck & Accident
VÖ: 24.08.2007
Label: Talitres
Vertrieb: Rough Trade

From France the four members of Kim Novak have played together since two years.

Haunted by diversified influences such as indie (from Interpol to the Tindersticks, from Radiohead to the Talking Heads), soul music and classic rock, Kim Novak not only sounds energically rock but also untypically etheral. Their music is not driven by any one instrument and each song has it own sound and style which produce a melodic, groovy and electric setlist.

Through positive blog reviews like the New York´s blog “šEar Farm´ and their opening night off show of the French Festival “šLa Route du Rock´ in St. Malo last year, the band manage to increase their notoriety and spread their to everyone´s ears, in France which allow them to reach the “šPrintemps de Bourges´ short listening in October 2005.

The following year, Kim Novak signed to Talitres records and under the tutelafe of the french producer Francois Chevfallier with the contribution of Markus Dravs (who had worked previously with Brian Eno, Björk or more recently Arcade Fire) recorded their debut album “šLuck & Accident´ in december 2006.

Bitte schickt mir die Belegexemplare zu…Danke!

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