The Ian Fays

damoncover.jpgdamoncover.jpgTHE IAN FAYS
The Damon Sessions
VÖ: 27.10.2006
Label: Homesleep Records
Vertrieb: Cargo Records

The Facts:
“¢ The Ian Fays are four young ladies from Arcata, California
“¢ The Damon Lessons is their debut album
“¢ Their songs are all at once sweet, delicate, profound, unique and diverse
“¢ Lizz and Sara are twin sisters
“¢ Julia and Lena are not twin sisters
“¢ They are not punk, and they are also not “Not Punk”

The Ian Fays are:
“¢ Julia Fay: keyboards, accordion, sampling, drum machine, la´s
“¢ Lena Fay: xylophone, tambo, electronic claps, la´s, sampling, boomwhackers
“¢ Sara Fay: bass, vocals, some guitar, ahh´s, keyboards, cups filled with water
“¢ Lizz Fay: guitar, sound effects box, vocals, keyboards, woo´s, la´s, cups filled with water

The Damon Sessions is:
“¢ Empty Alcohol Bottle
“¢ The Dance Song
“¢ Pink Sheets
“¢ I Lifted Myself Up
“¢ Peppermint Schnapps
“¢ The Boyfriend Song
“¢ Hotel
“¢ All The Phones Are Broken In This House, Sir
“¢ It´s Okay To Use The F-Word In A Break-Up Song
“¢ 16 Weeks
“¢ Secret Track

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