Destroyer´s Rubies
VÖ: 26.01.2007
Label: Acuarela
Vertrieb: Hausmusik

Poetically and musically speaking, Daniel Bejar (Vancouver) is regarded as one of the most intelligent and resourceful composers of our time, both with his contributions to the acclaimed New Pornographers and with his more personal project, Destroyer, where he gives free reign to his own ruling passions by means of literary and lyrically styled pop music. After Acuarela´s domestic release of Your Blues two years ago, the new album, Destroyer´s Rubies, is presented exclusively to Europe with a bonus track not included in the American label´s edition (Merge).
After five records of somewhat lo-fi gentle folk-rock with an inclination towards exquisite expression and instrumental austerity, Your Blues juggled maturity with the contemporary and the unorthodox resulting in something much more effective than the simple summing up of these components: belles-lettres and choruses, sixties and seventies, poems, cynical remarks and jottings giving life to a diary with both lyrical and musical merit. It was stoked up with a “pop” spirit somewhere between Hefner, The Blue Nile, a MIDI-synthesizer symphony, post-punk and Prefab Sprout.
End of 2006 finally sees the Euro release of of Vancouver´s Dan Bejar with his seventh full-length under the moniker Destroyer. If there has been any precedent set or pattern developed over the years in the Destroyer canon, it´s that Bejar holds little regard for convention or expectations. Never one to rest on laurels, each successive Destroyer release always explores new sonic territories and ideas. We love Dan for that, always keeping you and us on our toes. The new album is titled Destroyer´s Rubies and the opening track, “Rubies”, sets the tone well. It´s 9 and 1/2 minutes long, a sprawling epic that opens with the phrase: “Cast myself towards infinity, trust me, I had my reason”. The perfect summation of the Destroyer aesthetics.
Destroyer´s Rubies is a collection of shrewd pop music that takes no prisoners and asks no pardons. Equal parts cynicism, disdain, hope and humor. Self-referential, self-mocking, sagacious and coy. There is mythology, there is history, there is heartbreak and there is triumph. Follow along as Bejar leaves his breadcrumb trails twisting through the crumbling forests and bleak landscapes of modern popular music. It´s all heady and ecstatic. Trust him, he has his reasons. Bejar´s Dylanesque flare for biting and sardonic wit and his nods to the glam and bombastic folk approaches of early Tyrannosaurus Rex and Bowie recordings have clearly distanced Destroyer from the more straightforward pop of his “other” band, The New Pornographers. Bejar himself claims that influences on Destroyer´s Rubies come from the works of Kevin Coyne, Kevin Ã…yers, Kevin Rowlands, Kevin Junior”¦ pretty much anyone named Kevin.
Over the more than 10 years that Dan Bejar has been performing and recording there have been numerous lineup changes and shifts within “the band”. This ever-evolving shuffle of musicians has led some to consider Destroyer as a solo project, but Dan has always insisted that he sees Destroyer as a band, with full contributions from his collaborators. Even When Dan decided to take Your Blues on the road for the most extensive touring of Destroyer´s career, he recruited Victoria BC spazz-rockers Frog Eyes as his backing band, rebuilding the songs from scratch for the live performance. The stunning results were chronicled on the Notorious Lightning And Other Works EP (2005).
All that is about to change though as Bejar assures us that the current line-up of Destroyer will become the definitive and permanent line up for the band: Nicholas Bragg (guitar); Tim Loewen (bass, guitar, harmonica); Ted Bois (keyboards); Scott Morgan (drums, baritone sax): and Fisher Rose (vibes, trumpet).An amalgam of the aforementioned makes Destroyer´s Rubies a consistently vibrant record, a well crafted, composed and performed synopsis of pop (observed from all angles). It is without doubt outstanding to the core.
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