Faris Nourallah

Near The Sun. The Best Songs Of Faris Nourallah
VÖ: 16.02.2007
Label: Green Ufos
Vertrieb: Hausmusik

The idea of Near The Sun. The Best Songs Of Faris Nourallah, the fourth official album by FARIS NOURALLAH, occurred to Green Ufos in 2003, when, after listening to “Problematico” we really begun to appreciate all the different facets of him as an artist. As firm fans of FARIS following the Nourallah Brothers debut album, we felt that he could become much more popular if people were more aware of his great pop songs, so we decided to work in an album that reflected his more accessible and brighter side. It might seem kind of crazy, a Spanish little label releasing worldwide a compilation by an underground American artist, but it was our bet. FARIS and Western Vinyl people were surprised and excited about the record, they loved both the songs selection and their sequence, and Spanish artist José Luis Ágreda (“Cosecha Rosa”, First Prize in Festival Internacional del Cómic de Barcelona 2001) was in charge of the artwork of this refined digipack.

FARIS himself tells his story in a very (tele)graphic way:

I was born on January 9, in 1969 in Ypsilanti, Michigan.
My father was a Syrian émigré accounting major, my mother an art student.
I was raised in El Paso, Texas, on the border of Mexico.
I was drawn to music from the day that I was born.
My father was very strict.
I liked school until the age of 12.
I had a lot of problems with “authority” figures.
I learned to play music with my brother when we were teenagers.
I loved The Clash.
I fell in love.
I fell out of love.
I went to Denton, Texas to form a band with my brother.
I went to college for a week.
I fell in love.
I played all across America in a band with my brother.
My love left me.
I got married.
I started to write and record songs.
I quit the band.
I got divorced.
I stopped going places.
I recorded all of my records at home, alone.
I have never played music with anyone besides my brother.
I have never performed any of my music in public.
I drive my dead Grandfathers old car when I go to my mothers.
I go other places only in song.

I write songs on my dead Uncles piano.
I smoke too much.
I am an avid book reader, but rarely listen to music.
I make music the way an author writes a book.
I live for the next chapter.

In 2002 FARIS NOURALLAH took the break-up of the Nourallah Brothers as an opportunity to release his first solo record “I love Faris”. Critics from magazines such as Mojo found the record to be “warm touching, and once heard near impossible to live without.” Less than a year later he had released his sophomore solo record “Probematico”. Again critics and fans were pleased drawing comparisons to Ray Davies, Eric Matthews, and Plush. With each song pop hooks fall like candy from a heart-shaped piñata – each new melody a sticky sweet guilty pleasure. You’ll find no pretense or sense of self-consciousness, just of some of the most sincere and addictively catchy pop songs you’ve heard in a long while. Had NOURALLAH’s songs arrived 20 years ago, you’d likely know his name as well as you know Elvis Costello or Ray Davies; he’s that good.

So here is the happiest and most pop moments of FARIS NOURALLAH. It has not been easy … FARIS has a touch of sadness even when he smiles … We are very proud of Near The Sun. The Best Songs Of Faris Nourallah and we sincerely hope you will enjoy it.


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