The Frank And Walters 2007

A Renewed Interest In Happiness
VÖ Album: 13.04.2007
Label: fifa records
Vertrieb: broken silence

“˜You deserve to be happy´ ““ The Frank And Walters (2006)

Firmly buried in the “where are they now” pile and with even their mums”˜ love officially downgraded to mild tolerance, the Frank And Walters began the latest attempt to escape from obscurity in the most humble of surroundings; a friends barn. They will probably tell you it was all about the vibe but don’t believe the lying bastards. They were broke!!! The brink had arrived and they had tumbled over it unceremoniously. The fact that no-one had noticed only served to give them another gripe to add to their already bursting folder of world weary tales. The expectation was that they would return with an album full of “we used to be great” and “if only people would listen” songs – WRONG!

Somehow they managed to drag themselves out of the mire, duped some poor eejit to part with his hard earned cash and made an album full of joyous melodies, soaring chorus’s, ringing guitars, uplifting stories of life, love, loss and hope. An album so infectious that I can’t sleep for “Fight”, “Country Boy” or “Miles and Miles” swirling around my brain like a bee around honey. I’m constantly drawn back to the CD player; “Come On”, “You Are The Greatest”, “Keep The Faith” – I’m the fly and they are the shit! I shouldn’t even be telling you this, I think they´re langers”¦.

Review by Keith Cullen (Setanta Records ““ Frank´s ex label boss)

Press Release

We live in a world that constantly tells us we don´t have what we need and we are not who we should be. It´s a non-stop unavoidable torrent, of comparatives, negatives and superlatives.

“˜A Renewed Interest In Happiness´ by the Frank And Walters, tells us that everything is going to be alright. It is an antidote to the trials and tribulations we all face. Questions and answers beautifully packaged in unforgettably perfect melodies.

The early spring of 2006 saw a little town called Ballyvinny make an entry into the indie-pop history book as The Frank And Walters kicked off the sessions that would eventually become their fifth studio album. True as always to their “˜Brave Indie Warrior´ code, their surroundings came complete with no running water, no heating and no soundproofing. The first ears to hear the record were on the cows that stared curiously in the window of the practice room.

The sessions went well and a team was assembled. Dave Couse came on board as the producer (having previously worked on Grand Parade and indeed EP1 back in ´91). Richard Rainey signed up to mix some tracks. Paul met sound engineer Kieran Lynch while on a train journey from Dublin to Cork and secured him as the recording engineer for the album. Work began in earnest in May.

It quickly became clear that something special was happening. “”¦ songs moulded themselves into complete packages”¦..Fight almost appeared by magic”¦ Country Boy just happened”¦ It got scarier. “¦ Divine intervention is a strong phrase but sometimes it went beyond coincidence..” When they needed a place as a base for the recording, a friends dad suggested a holiday home in Inchadoney, West Cork – an awe inspiring location, perfect for the creative process.

When they needed a gritty location to suit the mood of the songs “Fight” and “Country Boy”, Wheatfield prison offered their services. In fact Paul did the vocal takes in a confined room full of inmates.

In an interview they mentioned that they wanted to record in a church. Offers flooded in. “Keep the Faith” and “Hold On” were cut in an old Church Of Ireland building in Carrig Na Bhearr, Cork City.

“Johnny Cash” needed a rural setting so a fan suggested they go to a house in Coolinarne deep in the Cork/Kerry mountains. The isolated farmhouse, complete with train track proved perfect for the song which was done late at night as a live take.

Rather than tell it all maybe you should listen to the album and let the other tales of life, love, loss and above all hope reveal themselves to you, its a journey well worth taking.

“˜A Renewed Interest In Happiness´ is the Frank And Walters fifth studio album. Released on the anniversary of their 15th year in music, it encapsulates all that we have come to expect and admire from them. It is probably their finest work.

April 3rd in Hamburg, GFrüner Jäger
April 7th in Berlin, Bastard.

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