The Projects

Voice Is Glue
VÖ: 06.07.2007
Label: Track And Field Organisation
Vertrieb: Rough Trade

´Voice Is Glue´ is a new mini album from London´s finest exponents of krautpop, The projects, and features a remix from Broadcast”¦

The Projects formed in 2001 after previous pop outings in the likes of Comet Gain, Stereolab and Miss Mend. Their debut single, “Entertainment” received great praise from everyone who heard it. Sonic Youth collaborator, Dan Graham, even provided the image for the sleeve.

The Projects delivered ‘Let’s Get Static’, their debut LP later in September 2004, combining catchy dance tunes with the sound of a futuristic dystopia. Favouring electric pop with an undeniably human heartbeat, the London based 5-piece will make you shake to the repetitive structures of everyday life.

This mini album was recorded in London in 2005/06, and you couldn´t imagine the white noise of distorted guitars and crystal clear choruses evolving anywhere else. The Projects follow the drawings of the post punk architects, translating sociological analysis into pop poetics verging on the nonsensical. Imagine Brian Eno giving Debbie Harry a lift to the local roller skate disco in his convertible, Devo is on the stereo and the sun is definitely shining.

The Projects perfected their art with a string of impressive live shows across Europe. The band has previously toured with Broadcast , hence their collaboration here. They have also taken to the stage alongside Fiery Furnaces, Movietone, The Rogers Sisters and Herman Dune. As audiences up and down the have land found out, this is music to dance to”¦ in high heels and with the skinniest of ties, but with absolutely no underwear.

Bitte schickt mir die Belegexemplare zu. Vielen Dank!

MELODYCAT, Denise Mayer, Schieferstr. 16, 65388 Bärstadt 0174/1774147

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