Giardini Di Miro

Dividing Opinions
VÖ: 31.08.2007
Label: Homesleep Music
Vertrieb: Cargo Records

Nine Songs of civil romanticism.
Bloody hearts, spectral women and premonitor signs.
After four years of silence here’s the GDM answers to everything that divides and shares….

GDM are Jukka Reverberi, Corrado Nuccini, Mirko Venturelli, Luca Di Mira e Francesco
Jonathan Clancy from Settlefish sang on Dividing Opinions.
Glen Johnson from Piano Magic sang on Self Help
Kaye Brewster sang on Clairvoyance
Apparat took care about the electronic sounds of Cold Perfection
Cyne took care about the electronic sounds of Clairvoyance.
Emanuele Reverberi arranged all the strings.

Giardino di Miro´ is a band from the Italian province. In particular they come from Cavriago. A small village close to Reggio Emilia, where Vladimir Lenin is honorary mayor since 1917.
The original nucleus was Jukka Reverberi, Corado Nuccini, Luca Di Miro and Mirko Venturelli. Francesco Donadello joined the band after a few years, to replace the drummer Lorenzo Lanzi. During the years the band has made collaborations with a lot of musicians as Emanuele Reverberi, Alessandro Raina, Giuseppe Camuncoli and many others.
The offical history of Giardino di Miro´ begins in 1998 with the first self produced EP and the first live shows, but the band moves the first steps in 1995 from a collaboration between Corrado Nuccini and Giuseppe Camuncoli (a famous cartoonist today). The discography of the band is really big today: there are not just the three official albums: Rise And Fall of Academic Drifting, Punk”¦Not Diet! and new Dividing Opinions, but also a myriad of EPs, remixes and collections of singles and b-sides, released by independent labels from all over the world (Homesleep, 2nd rec, Zum; Jonathon Whiskey, Fictionfriction, Love Boat, Contact, Earsugar).
During the years the band has worked with a lot of other bands/producers like Hood, DNTL, Alias, Hermann & Kleine, Styrofoam, Apparat, Piano Magic, Cyme, Zucchini Drive, Opiate, Isan, Yuppie Flu, Julie´s Haircut, Paul Anderson.
The sound of the band is changing today. In the early times it was influences by the “˜post rock´ attitude, but now Giardino di Miro´ plays a sort of psychedelic pop influenced by shoegaze, electronic music, new wave and 90s noise bands.
“˜Dividing Opinions´ is the latest album of the Italian quintett produced by Homesleep Music and licensed in Asia to Thomason Sounds.

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