Music For Que Viva Mexico
VÖ: 14.09.2007
Label: Prohibited Records
Vertrieb: Cargo

NLF3 is settled in Paris, and is:
Nicolas LAUREAU : Guitars, Fender Rhodes, Synths, Theremin
Fabrice LAUREAU : Basse, Claviers, Beatbox, Percussions
Jean Michel PIRES : Drums , Chaos Pad

Biographie NLF3
NLF3 was born in 1999 in Paris. The Instrumental group was created by brothers Nicolas and Fabrice Laureau right after they stopped the adventurous rock group Prohibition (they released five albums and played more than 400 concerts in Europe and in the USA).
In 2000, nlf3 (trio)’s debut album Part one & Part two revealed a great instrumental freedom and a singular eclecticism of sound textures and instruments. Viva!, their second album was released in 2003. It is an enthusiastic album, and was very well acclaimed by the press. As a matter of fact, The Wire and Les Inrockuptibles found in this material one of best album of the year.
In 2004, the Fondation Cartier pour l’art contemporain commissioned NLF3 for a musical creation on a silent movie. The group chose its favorite film, Que Viva Mexico! by S. M. Eisenstein. They applied their meticulous sens of composition to create a new soundtrack on this beautiful and ignored masterpiece from the pre-WWII cinema. The live soundtrack performances which result from this work, had a great success in terms of public and press, and took the group in many cities and festivals; it was presented among others at La Fondation Cartier and Cit de la Musique in Paris, Scopitone and Artrock festivals, in London, Moscow…, at the Cervantino festival (Mexico).
In September 2005, NLF3 produced its third album, based on the compositions created for Eisenstein’s movie. Digging the energy of the live performances and still very cleverly arranged and produced, Music for Que Viva Mexico ! takes a new dimension while being detached from the film. It lets one imagine that S. M. Eisenstein, as an invisible conductor, made them transcend their own music. In fifteen titles and fifty minutes, Music for Que Viva Mexico! reveals the originality of the group’s universe and testifies of its maturity.
The band has recently composed new live soundtracks on « Die Abenteuer des Prinzen Achmed » by Lotte Reiniger (1926) and japanese expermiental-erotic fim « Ai » (1962) by Iimura.
« The French NLF3 (trio) have been together for a decade. Between them Nicolas Laureau, Ludovic Morillon and Fabrice Laureau share a pool of keyboards, guitars, bass and drums. They also run their own Prohibited label. Although he had doubtless prefer to be credited as sound recordist, producer Laureau has previously been noted for his work with Yann Tiersen and Dirty Three. The NLF espouse brevity as an art form, presnting a spangled sequence of continualy shifting miniatures. Detail is a virtue, the trio’s personal toyscape infatuated with blips and blops, all things that chime, burble or ping, with pourring analogue textures running across what amounts to a conventional instrumental core.
Like a kitch This Heat, they merge grooves and improvisatory trimmings, making a playful exploration of junked instruments, or a least faking such activities with samplers. The mix of live and looped elements spreads and shunts sounds across an extreme stereo field, the tiny details of peripherical chatter often just as interesting as the central chatter. “Orfeu” might begin as an Afro-froth pulse, but it is abruptly derailed by a fally-disc scramble, then switches to a castrato sex funk loop. On “My Horses Never Run”, it could be Chris Cutler or Jaki Liebezeit drumming. Again, in a moment of potential commerciality, “John C & JLG on a Boat” has a worringly serrated guitar solo, while just about everything on “An The Chalk Breaks” is distorted in the extreme. Despite revealing several layers of prime influence, the NLF3 (trio) manage to filter these into a unique sound of their own, a higly sensitive approach of the very essence of tone, texture and rythm. Few groups are so consistently interesting.” »
Article in THE WIRE, 2003.

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