DARREN HAYMAN – Secondary Modern

VÖ: 02.11.2007Label: Track And Field Organisation

Vertrieb: Rough Trade

“˜Darren Hayman and the Secondary Modern´ is Darren Hayman´s second full length solo album since dissolving independent legends and John Peel favourites “Hefner” in 2002. During that time Hayman has also managed to release 7 EPs, 2 singles and an acclaimed electronica album with his short-lived band “The French” as well as releasing a double album of 43 unreleased Hefner songs.

“Secondary Modern” marks a long awaited return to the sparse folk pop sound of earlier Hefner recordings, and was recorded spontaneously in 12 days at Soup Studios in Shoreditch (also recently home to Television Personalities and Comet Gain). The studio lies underneath the Duke of Uke shop and Darren made good use of Ukuleles, Banjos, Mandolins, and Fiddles and these songs. Darren also made use of the open door policy of his new band “Secondary Modern” to include contributions from many of his friends. Guests on this album include; seventies reclusive legend John Howard, avant brass man Terry Edwards, folk-tronica elder men Ellis Island Sound as well as members of bright new sparks; Let´s Wrestle, The Wave Pictures and Fanfarlo.

The main attraction here, however, is Darren´s lyrics as he continues to plough an idiosyncratic furrow through the modern British urban landscape. Subject matter here includes declining standards of art education in secondary schools (Art and Design), a love affair from the perspective of a Lacoste logo (Crocodile), doomed school re-unions (Pupil Most Likely) and cheap high street engagement rings (Elizabeth Duke). Darren is disappointed and in love with the world and people he sings about, this album isn´t big, brash, or loud mouthed, rather it is simple, articulate, funny, robust and made with love.

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