Julie’s Haircut

Julie´s Haircut
“˜After Dark, My Sweet´ cd/lp
VÖ: 07.April.2006
Label: homesleep records
Vertrieb: Cargo Records
With Adult Situations (Homesleep 2004), Julie’s Haircut’s announced the end of their musical and lyrical teenhood (the acne has cleared up, too). Their latest release, After Dark, My Sweet, showcases the band’s evolution as composers and players. But this doesn’t mean that Julie’s Haircut have wandered off in the direction of “New Age Classical” or some other “mature” nonsense – After Dark, My Sweet is a ROCK album. Well, it’s not just a rock album. The bulk of the record is culled from live studio improvisations, in the tradition of the late 60’s electric jazz masterpieces ala Miles Davis. And the record is certainly a psychedelic experience, too, thanks in no small part to the appearance of guest artists like Mr. Sonic Boom from Spacemen 3.

After Dark, My Sweet also highlights the sort of harmony and team spirit that can only be arrived at by a group of musicians who have been playing together since, well, forever. The members of Julie’s Haircut play off of each other like some kind of perfect music creature sporting 12 arms and a single giant brain. Unfortunately, this perfect single-headed multi-armed music monster eats as much as six regular people, so think twice before inviting it for dinner.

But seriously, band feeding warnings aside, After Dark, My Sweet is not only perfectly safe for you and your friends, it will certainly improve your lives. For ultimately, After Dark, My Sweet contains no less than a series of shiny musical jewels, born of long improvisations which have been meticulously refined, cut and polished – a process not unlike the editing of film footage for a soon-to-be classic movie. And these jazzy, psychedelic, rock jewels are the kind of magic stones that will project you into another dimension – the dimension just after dark”¦(editor’s note: end cheesy hyperbole here and conclude press release with recording notes and band line-up).

After Dark, My Sweet, the forth album from Julie’s Haircut, was recorded by Francesco Donadello (of Giardini di Mirò) during January, March and July, 2005. The album was mixed by Francesco Donadello at the Alpha Dept Studio and mastered by Silvio Cavuto at Groovy Lemon Studio. The album artwork is by Luca Lumaca and the Julie’s Haircut Logo is by Roberto Bagatti.

Sonic Boom: Raagini, Kraakle on #2, Omnichord system 200m on “Ingrid Thulin”
TRACKLIST: 1. Open wound 2. Sister pneumonia 3. Afterdark 4. Satan eats seitan 5. Death machine 6. Liv ullman 7. Purple jewel 8. Gemini pt1 & pt2 9. Ingrid thulin 10. Pistils 11. My eyes have seen the glory
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