VÖ: 02.06.2006
Label: Acuarela
Vertrieb: Rough Trade Distributions

Every 100 years there is a perfect and impossible utopia of a pop album. Acuarela’s European version of P:ANO’s “Brigadoon” features two amazing exclusive bonus tracks and special packaging. 24 pop gems which feel like having a pic nic with The Decemberists and The Beach Boys in Burt Bacharah’s backyard.
As Michael Moore and “South Park” characters already pointed out: Canada is different. This is reflected in NBA star Steve Nash´s personality and also in the country´s music scene. From Constellation to Alien8, passing through Intr_version or Arts & Crafts, there´s something in the air of Canada´s workshops that makes them special, innovative, and strange, which we could describe as “˜being in the vanguard´, but is really much more than just that. P:ANO is the perfect example. The Vancouver-based band, whose music flows from the talented source of composers and multi-instrumentalists Nick Krgovich and Larissa Loyva, and is completed with the presence of Justin Kellam and Julia Chirka, is clearly focused on pop music. However, their new album is far from being just a compilation of classic and aesthetically perfect tracks. Despite its paused, lo-fi sound, their first album “When It´s Dark and It´s Summer” (Zum/Hive Fidelity, 2002) was brimming with amazing ideas. Two years later, “The Den” came closer to their stylistic ideal, showcasing an improved quality regarding production and recording techniques. From this standpoint, P:ANO announce that their third LP is a unique and fascinating piece of work, with a common thread linking all songs without actually being conceptual, and each song being a small universe in itself. Because the title´s choice, “Brigadoon”, a song by duo Lerner & Lowe, who composed songs like “My Fair Lady” and “Gigi”, is no mere coincidence.

That utopian “brigadoon”, an impossible and pluperfect place that would only be seen every 100 years and appears always attracted by the intensity of true love, reflects in the album´s lyrics, in occasions through sincere romanticism and others through disbelief. The album is full of declarations in first person, lamenting the solitude that comes with celebrating passed intimacies. Surrounded by redeeming lights, walking through dark hills and letting insidious snow wet them through, the characters in the songs expose their passions, their fears and their miseries in a way that is twisted, funny and poetical at the same time. P:ANO prove that they are able of embracing any music style to in order to achieve the absolute pop song in the end. In “Covered Wagons” and “He Will Come Beck To Me” they seem to revive the fifties with jumpy drums, delicate melodies and sumptuous vocals, while synthesisers and beats with a dance music skeleton rock in “The Rescuer” and “Heavens”. “Storm the gates” and “The Monster Mash” play along in ambient placidity, “Ghost Pirates” portrays a sinister circus setting and “Sweet Sweets” even flirts with soul. If they sometimes remind you of The Beach Boys and other times of The Magnetic Fields, if in occasions you´d put them alongside Deerhof or The Decemberists and then notice similarities with Yo La Tengo, you´re on the right track: few records include so much, different, good music. During 60 minutes and 24 songs (Acuarela´s edition includes two bonus tracks), P:ANO weave a complex, addictive and above all personal record that could be seen as a compilation of pop gems but can also be interpreted in a thousand other ways. Don´t be scared, you´ll have fun on the way.
Eine Tour wird es Ende Mai/Anfang Juni geben.
When It’s Dark and It’s Summer
cd album (Zum/Hive Fidelity, 2002)
The Den
cd album (Zum/Hive Fidelity, 2004)

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