Robin Guthrie

VÖ: 23.06.2006
Label: Rocket Girl
Vertrieb: Rough Trade Distribution

Robin Guthrie and Rocket Girl ream up.
As COCTEAU TWINS guitarist and producer, Robin Guthrie is the man responsible for creating that famous sound and opening the door for My Bloody Valentine, Slowdive, Ride, et al.

Robin´s new album “˜Continental´ is a beautiful instrumental masterpiece, from one of our greatest all-time heroes. Robin gives more heart and soul on Continental than on his previous instrumental release Imperial. Continental is stronger in feeling and composition and all of Robin’s signature elements are here: Shimmering guitars, ethereal moods as fluid and deep as any of Eno´s, and yes, he does at times thankfully bring the rock. The mood overall is classic Robin Guthrie.
Fans of the Cocteau Twins and all they’ve spawned, please welcome back your daddy.

Robin has been living in France for the last few years and people may feel as though he has been hiding but he has been working on many musical projects.

Last Year Robin played his Lumiere film at NFT and played live to it, it was so beautiful it brought grown men to tears! Robin plans to release this on DVD after editing it iin a dolby surround sound studio.

Robin´s most recent record was with Harold Budd, they worked on the Mysterious Skin soundtrack after being approached by Greg Araki.

A collaborative album has been recorded with John Foxx on vocals, which will be released on Artful later in the year (very This Mortal Coil)

I am keen for Robin to get back into the music scene, play live, perform at festivals with his band and work with other bands. He has already remixed Ulrich Schnauss and plans to work with some other bands in the near future.

As the founder member of the seminal Cocteau Twins, Robin Guthrie has created some of the most beautiful music of recent times and is widely regarded as a musical visionary. The distinctive sonic landscapes that have become his trademark are again on display throughout the Lumière performance and at time touches upon his instrumental debut Imperial (Bella Union), his soundtrack to Gregg Araki´s award winning Mysterious Skin, released earlier this year through Rykodisc, as well as introducing exclusive new material from his delightful forthcoming LP Continental. Needless to say, his legions of admirers will find much that they recognise and love

Continental track list:
1. Continental, 2. Conquering the Romantic, 3. Crescent, 4. Monument, 5. Amphora, 6. The Day Star, 7. Radiance, 8. As I Breathe, 9. Last Exit, 10. Pale.

Bitte schickt mir die Belegexemplare zu. Vielen Dank!

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